About Us

Welcome to CFL

Cedar Furniture Lodge welcomes you to a slice of the Missouri Ozarks.   Located and serving clients in the heart of the Ozarks and around the USA for over 7 years. We are more than Rustic Furniture enthusiasts, We create custom pieces and offer beautiful custom designs as well, we encourage you to look around and find something that piques your interest.  

Wait, there's more....

We are a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer with a Certified Gunsmith on-site.  We also do wood fabrication and repair on stocks. We also provide arms transfers for our clients for a reasonable fee. Just let us know that you are having something shipped and we will be more then happy to handle the paperwork and git 'er done! Just have them send it to: Trail Hand Pro 

Who we are:

We are a family owned and operated small business located at the Pomme DeTerre Lake in west central Missouri.  We love God, family, and Country.  We love the country and the rustic decor out in the great outdoors.  We support who ever is our President because we want to see America do well. We support our troops that fought so that we have the right to live free, speak free, and do what we do. We pray ya'll feel the same way.